Y9 eBook Project

In Slovene the last 2 months we were working on a project that was put together by the Ministry of Schools and Sport. We had to make an e-book and the topic was 2. World War. 70 years ago Slovenes decided to rise against the occupiers.

During the project we had different assignments such as to read a story, a poem, watch a movie and go on a field trip connected to the theme. The people involved were David Weiss, Anna Šmejkalova, Jack Flannigan, Karianne Hoff, Jay Westgate, Clare Charlesworth and Fatmir Behadini. The project wasn’t fully reserved only for Slovene, we also did some sketches in artto put in the e-book. We wrote all kinds of texts based on our experiences.

Among other things I also recited a poem in Baza 20 when the temperature was about -3 degrees Celsius.

We all learned a lot during these 2 months. In the end all of the hard work has payed off. We have made a beautiful e-book and it is available to anybody that would like to buy it. The money will go to a charity called Sight Savers.

We all like the book very much and every single word in it is special due to hours of work put into it.

- Fatmir Behadini, Y9

Visit by Bishop

We were pleased to welcome the Anglican Bishop of Europe, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Rowell, to discuss with our Year 12 students the challenges facing the Christian church in the 21st Century. After this session, he enjoyed a mental change of gear to visit our Preschool to read them a story. Whilst our school does not promote or observe any religious affiliation, Bishop Rowell's visit to Ljubljana provided a great opportunity for our most senior students to engage in discussion with a respected academic and to question their own spiritual convictions.

Baza 20 visit

Our Year 9 students thoroughly enjoyed a visit to Baza 20 in Kočevski Rog on Friday, despite the biting cold. This was a Partisan base, hidden in the forest above Novo Mesto, which was a vital part of the resistance movement's logistics, medical activities in Slovenia during the second half of the Second World War. The students were shown the huts around the forest and the guide explained the activites that took place there. Afterwards, over a welcome cup of hot thyme tea, Year 9 asked questions and also filmed an interview, in preparation for their eBook project, submitted to the Ministry of Schools and Sport as our entry in their current competition. As the icing on the cake, our students were thrilled to see fresh bear paw prints in the snow just outside the visitor centre!

Y2 Holiday Memory Museum

On Monday 31st January, Year 2 took great pleasure in inviting their parents and the other primary classes to visit their 'Holiday Memory Museum'.  The museum was part of the Year 2 topic of Holidays being studied this term.  The children in Year 2 began this project by bringing in souvenirs from some of their holidays and introducing them to the class.  This was a great indication of how well travelled the children are and they really enjoyed sharing both photographs and souvenirs they have collected.

Following this the children chose 3 souvenirs each and wrote about them to provide interesting information: what the souvenir was, where it was from, how old it was and why it was special being among some of the details included.  These details were typed up by the children and then stuck on card to be placed with the souvenir in the museum.  Each child developed an entrance ticket for his/her parents and tickets were also supplied to all attending primary children.  When 3pm came the excitement began.  Children from other classes arrived first.  They handed their tickets to the ticket collectors and were shown around by Year 2 children acting as their guides. 

The visitors were clearly interested to find out where their peers had been and what they had brought back.  Even more excitement came as parents began to arrive.  Each child was able to show his/her parents around and explain what was in the museum.  Parents and children, as well as the Year 2 teachers, had a wonderful end to the afternoon and the children certainly reaped the rewards of their hard work over the previous week to get souvenirs and labels completed.  They now also know how important labels are for items in a museum and we're sure this will be of more interest to them when they visit museums in the future!

- Vee Westgate, Y2 teacher

Informativa 11

We had a generously-sized stand at Informativa 11, which is the annual exhibition for providers of post-primary education in Slovenia. The two-day fair attracted nearly 15,000 visitors this year, of whom nearly 40 expressed a strong interest in our "gimnazija"-equivalent programme for 2011 and 2012 entry. We look forward to welcoming some of these for a "taster day" in school in the coming weeks, to sample for themselves what makes our school special.

A big thankyou to the parents, students and staff who gave up their time to come and help.

Cooking activity

Primary students began our new activities this week on Wednesday. Tanya Charlesworth was lucky enough to have Year 1 & Year 2 students for Cooking. We used the VK Home Economics room, which the students felt was very official.The students thoroughly enjoyed making Australian pancakes, although they were very surprised that they were so different from Slovene & American pancakes. We stirred, mixed and poured our pancakes, getting very excited about the bubbles appearing. We promptly spread our pancakes with honey or home-made plum jam and gobbled them up quickly. A huge thank you to Debbi Trosper for assisting with this activity.

Trip to Australia!

As part of their IPC topic on Holidays, Year 2 students and teachers decided to escape the cold weather in Ljubljana and escape on 'holiday to Australia' for a morning's warmer weather. We packed our own suitcases, bringing towels, bathers, sunglasses and of course sunscreen for our enjoyment. Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed preparing their tickets, boarding passes and passports and loved the inflight entertainment from the flight staff and the refreshments. Although some of the students were a bit concerned when dealing with Australian customs officials. Once in sunny Oz, the children listened to an Australian concert and got involved in dancing, ate Australian food (Anzac biscuits, Pavlova and Sausage rolls), we tried out the didgeridoo and tried to handpass an Australian football. We of course also lounged around in the hot sun and enjoyed the beaches, reading carefully the warning signs for dangerous animals (jellyfish, sharks). And we were back in our classroom in Ljubljana in time for lunch!

Christmas Charity Bazaar

Our Christmas Charity Bazaar took place on the last afternoon of the Autumn term. Parents, staff and students of all ages made gifts and snacks for sale and a range of games from "Guess the weight of the cake" to "Tombola" helped to raise money for Društvo Ključ, which was chosen by Christmas Card Competition winner Maj Leban Vahen (Year 2).

We were pleased to raise an impressive total of 1,525 Euros, which was handed over to Ključ during the Secondary Section's End of Term Review on the last morning of term. As a gesture of thanks for our efforts, Ključ kindly offered to organise workshops for our students and adults on the theme of human trafficking during the coming months.

Y2 City visit

For our IPC topic Structures Year 2 students walked to Ljubljana from school to view lots of different buildings and structures. On the way we saw the Catholic Church designed by the famous Slovenian architect Plečnik (St. Cyril and Mehodius), the Exhibition Centre, the new shaped triangular apartments near the Railway Station and the Stone Statues in the park. We discussed what these structures were made of and why, how they were different from other buildings which served the same purpose and whether we found them appealing or not.

When we arrived in Ljubljana we viewed the different structures in Prešeren square and we learnt a little about Prešeren and his love for Julija. The students sketched the surrounding structures of their choice. The bridges were another of our structures to view and compare, we all liked the romantic locks on the Butcher’s bridge but were split on whether we liked the statues there. Ms. Anja took the time to explain about seccesion art from the start of the 20th century and how it is prevalent in city centre buildings. such as the Union Hotel and buildings opposite it. We took a look at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas to compare with the first one we saw. After this we took the funicular railway to Ljubljana Castle and ate our lunch there. The students especially loved the sightings of the dragons that we made.

We were very lucky to be invited to view a parent's 500-year-old apartment in the centre of  Ljubljana, where the students were treated to hot chocolate and cookies.

Cricket champions

We are proud of our A-team cricketers, who decisively won the Ljubljana schools' cricket tournament on Sunday 7 November. Their team captain, Sam, was also named "Male player of the Tournament" by the organisers. The B-team, although less successful, really impressed us with the sportsmanship and effort they showed in their three matches against older children (their average age was just 9). The winners received a trophy and individual prizes and the school was awarded with a TV by the sponsors, BTC department store Harvey Norman. The students, aged 8 to 13, come from Slovenia, India, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and Austria.

I was great to see a dedicated and enthusiastic group of spectators in our mums and dads, whom we would like to thank for giving up a large chunk of their Sunday to support the youngsters. Thanks, too, to Matthew and Jaša for their coaching. Well done everyone!

PTA Club: Dr Ann Morrison Clement

The PTA Club has its inaugural evening session on Wednesday 4 November. These Club evenings will see a variety of lectures, presentations, workshops and other events for parents, teachers and friends of the school.

We were honoured to welcome Dr Ann Morrison Clement, eminent US child psychologist, to tell us about children's learning styles and special needs. Ann explained how the class teacher and family provide vital input into the process of helping to identify the nature of any special support needed to help children learn. Specialist diagnosis helps to complete the picture and determine the best ways to adapt the school's programme to meet individual children's needs.

Headmaster Jeremy Hibbins then explained how the British School operates its Learning Support systems, in the context of the school's mission and Caring for Each Other Policy, which promotes the concept of every member of the community enjoying that of each other which makes us all unique, whilst being sensitive to those aspects about which a person may be self-conscious, for example. A lively discussion followed, with parents and teachers contributing.

We would like to say a big thankyou to Dr Clement for her fascinating and informative talk.


In their IPC lessons, Years 3 and 4 have been learning about the meaning of the word 'treasure' and its relevance to archaeology. A great starting point was, quite naturally, a Treasure Hunt and so, in the first week, the children were invited to come to school dressed as pirates.  It was a great day, some of which was spent hunting for golden (chocolate) coins in the playground with the help of a map.  There were many clues to uncover and dangers to be avoided but in the end all the pirates were rewarded with gold. Later on in the term the children visited the Skofja Loka museum. After a very interesting and informative PowerPoint presentation on local prehistory, the children were able to handle many of the artefacts found around Skofja Loka. One of the most valued items seen was a boar tooth necklace that was found in the cave at Lubnik and so the children were then invited to make their own version of the necklace using clay. A tour of the museum was then conducted and the children were able to see the excavations that exist under the castle. Much to the delight of the children, the exciting finale to our day was the raising of the castle's drawbridge after which we all took the bus back to school. Archaeology had really been brought to life for the children.

- Stephanie Pojak

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