Preschool Dance Performances

On 18th June, some of our Preschool students danced together with other children attending the Buba dance school before an audience of parents.  The weekly dance classes, organised in Buba Club by Maša Prašnikar and taught by Petra Škofic, have been an integral part of Primary educational programme this year. The students performed a number of dances before receiving a Dance Diploma. 

The class also performed for the parents, students and teachers of the BISL during the  International Day on Tuesday 23rd June, on the theme of 'Indians'.  After a great show, they proudly collected their Diplomas.

Y10 International Graphics Museum Trip

On 18th June, the Year 10 students visited the International Graphics Museum in Ljubljana, to learn about the technique of silk-screen printing and view a collection of exhibited artworks in the museum. 

The purpose of the trip was two-fold, the first being a part of their project 'Evaluative Study of Marc Chagall', in which they studied the life and art of the artist, including symbolism, surrealism and various printing techniques used in his works.  For the final stage of the project, students drew their own designs to be printed on a T-shirt using silk-screen print. Designs were to be a reflection of themselves, their feelings, thoughts, personality or even points of view.  The students observed and actively participated in all stages of the printing process.  In exploring the fascinating museum exhibition, the students further gathered some ideas for future art projects and themes.  All the newly acquired skills, knowledge, and the final outcomes, were documented in students' individual evaluative study folders.

Secondly, this was to be the last trip for the Year 10 this academic year, and it was nice to come away with a souvenir that will remind them of their achievements, as well as, memories of the past school year.  A small group as they are, they have been very supporting of each other and helped others to achieve better results. The T-shirts portray statements of individuality and imagination, team-spirit and mutual respect for one another's work.

Well done team. Wear your T-shirts with pride!

(- Katarina Zelezinger, Creative Arts teacher)

Visitors from Uni-LJ

Headmaster Jeremy Hibbins today welcomed Dr Janez Krek, Dean of the Faculty of Education at Ljubljana University and Vice-Dean Dr. Tatjana Hodnik Cadez, for an introductory visit to our school. Our guests were interested to see what we do and discussed possible ways in which BISL might be able to work in conjunction with the Faculty to enhance the international aspects of their programme. We were heartened by their response and look forward very much to exploring ways in which we can work together in the coming months and years.

School Choirs Event

A number of our Primary students took part in a choir performance with fellow students from Vito Kraigher during the half-term break in May. Many choirs took part in the event, which invites the schools in Slovenia to participate each year.  Our joint choir was different in two ways: it was multi-national and was the only choir to have students playing instruments to accompany the songs.  They did a great job too!

(- Katarina Železinger, Creative Arts teacher)

MP1 World of our Senses

A big thank you to Miss Marion who came into Milepost 1 today. Milepost 1 are learning about the "World of Our Senses" in their new IPC topic. It was wonderful to have Miss Marion come into our classroom and talk about what it is like to be deaf. We learnt a lot of new things about the way deaf people cope with the hearing world such as door bells, minicom (operator telephones), light sensors to pick up babies' crying, lip reading and hearing aids. Miss Marion also taught us a few signs in British Sign Language such as greetings, weather signs, and thankyou. We are going to learn how to sign our names so that we can show Miss Marion next time she comes in to help the preschool class. 

(-Tanya Charlesworth, Milepost 1 teacher)

UN World Environment Day

The Secondary Section students marked UNEP's World Environment Day (WED) by giving presentations on a wide range of enviromental topics, including fuel-efficient cars of the future; acid rain; endangered species and deforestation. The students used our Promethean interactive whiteboards for their five-minute presentations. They had researched their topics from a variety of internet sources, in the process finding out about important issues relating to reliability of information, bias and political agenda, whether data are up-to-date and authority of sources. They have already been introduced to the concept of plagiarism and this was an opportunity for them to present information which they had researched from multiple sources witihout simply "copying and pasting".

Preschool "People who help us"

The Preschool have been learning all about "People who help us" and were very lucky recently to have visits from members of two of the local emergency services. Last week two members of the local police station came with one of their dogs. The children sat in the police car, had a demonstration on how the police dog helps the officers in their duties and asked some questions.

This week two firemen came with a fire engine. The children had a chance to sit in the fire engine, sound the siren, use a fire hose and try on the firemen's helmets. The youngsters were very impressed by the big shiny red fire engine and with the force of the water from the fire hose.

We are very grateful to these professionals, who were kind and patient with the Preschoolers and made a real impression on them.

Milepost 1 Puppet Show

Milepost 1 performed two short puppet shows for their families on the last day of half term. The students made their own puppets with much delight, especially over the smelly socks they used from Mrs. Charlesworth's lost socks bag. In two groups they moved onto making scripts and devising names for their puppets. This wasn't an easy task for them, as they had to work together, but they did well and helped our new students fit in. "George's Jungle Birthday Party" and "The Gross Shopping Day" were the end results and, although there was some chaos during the performance, it was wonderful to see how much the students enjoyed performing for their families.

(- Tanya Charlesworth, Milepost 1 teacher)

Train Museum

Milepost 1 and Milepost 2 had a delightful time at the train museum. We were all very impressed with the trains, especially their size. A few of the trains had wheels bigger than our students. Our guide Uri was wonderful and took the time to answer all our questions. We had the chance to climb onto an old steam train and take a closer look at the mechanics. After looking at all the trains we went into the next section of the museum and had the opportunity to see old-time uniforms, telephones, bicycles and communication systems. All the students loved the interactiveness of the museum.

(- Tanya Charlesworth, Milepost 1 teacher)

Trip to the Market

Last week we took our students (Year 5/6 and the Secondary Section) to one of the most beautiful and liveliest markets in Europe – Plečnikova tržnica in the centre of Ljubljana. Its designer, Jože Plečnik (1872–1957), was a well-established Slovenian architect, who practised architecture in Vienna, Prague, Belgrade and Ljubljana. He was in favour of a new, organic mode of decoration rather than the heavy decorative motifs of the European Secession. The market got its current image in the mid-1940’s, when it was connected to The Triple Bridge (Tromostovje).

The purpose of the trip was to offer our students a "real life experience" practising their Slovene. Since we had been learning all about food, the market seemed to give a perfect ending to the topic. We also wanted to emphasize the importance of buying locally-produced fresh food whenever possible. The students had to buy themselves a healthy lunch, which was definitely a bit challenging: vendors were speaking fast and in several different dialects (there are around 50 Slovenian dialects!). Some students and teachers bought herbs for their home gardens (coriander and rosemary were especially popular). In order to have a nice lunch with a wonderful view over the Ljubljana valley, we climbed up to the Castle. Students did well with their purchases – they acquired spelt buns, fresh homemade cottage cheese, rocket for their sandwiches, lots of fresh strawberries and cherries and even freshly-squeezed orange juice. Well done! Ok, a pizza was bought as well.

After some tasty food, we were ready to visit our last stop: the fair trade shop 3 MUHE in Stara Ljubljana (the old part of the city). Students were familiarized with the basic principles of fair trade (although Year 7 had already visited the topic earlier in the year), tried various exotic instruments and tasted some chocolate too. People at the store were charmed by our students and mentioned they were excited to start a long-term relationship with our school.

(- Anda Eckman, Slovene Teacher)

Visit from the German Consul

This week the students in the Year 7 German class had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Carsten Schneider, the Consul at the German Embassy in Ljubljana, to their lesson. The purpose of the visit was to introduce them to the world of Diplomats and the role of the German Embassy in Ljubljana and also to bring to life some very important historical milestones in Germany’s history. The students were very much interested in all that Mr. Schneider shared with them and especially intrigued by the history of the Berlin Wall and of the personal experiences of those who were affected by it. In addition to their introduction to Germany’s political and geographical makeup, they were also treated to some German poetry - read of course in Mr Schneider’s home dialect! The lesson was a great learning experience and the students are very much looking forward to their future visit to the German Embassy in Ljubljana.

(- Ms Stacey McCullough, Year 7 German Teacher)

Part of the Slovenian educational communtity

This week saw one of an increasing number of opportunities that are emerging for us to share current best practice with teaching colleagues here in Slovenia. Our Deputy Head, Iain Garioch, hosted a visit from Gimnazija Bežigrad's Sebastjan Zumada to talk about the effective use of current educational technology tools in the classroom. Iain enjoyed showing Sebastjan the Promethean+2 boards that we have in all of our primary classrooms (and have also installed in two general classrooms shared with Vito Kraigher), and to explain how they, together with laptops, online collaborative resources and interactive voting systems, are used in various learning-focused situations. Sebastjan was enthusiastic about sharing this with his colleagues at Gimnazija Bežigrad.

Our Mission states that we balance innovation with the best of the British tradition and we are delighted to be able to exchange ideas with colleagues in local schools. We are keen to be "part of the landscape" in Slovenia and, although current legislation marginalises international schools, it is heartening that other schools, as well as the teaching faculties of the Slovenian universities and the Institute of Education (Zavod za Šolstvo), are taking a real interest in our work.

In recent weeks, Headmaster Jeremy Hibbins has given presentations at the 2009 Sirikt ICT conference in Kranjska Gora and at the Hiša znanja conference in Celje, organised by the Zavod za Šolstvo and publisher Mladinska knjiga.

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