Y2 IPC 'Media Magic (Communication)' topic

In their IPC Topic 'Media Magic (Communication)', Year 2 students made post cards. They then used these beautiful cards to write messages to their loved ones scattered all over the world; including Slovenia, Australia, Japan, Paraguay, South Africa, the United States of America, Wales, England and Belgium. Year 2 very excitedly walked to the local Post Office and were thrilled to buy a stamp for their post card and then drop their letters into the post box. Thank you to a very kind Postmistress who patiently let the children each buy their own stamp one at a time!

Thank you also to Samo Zgonc, one of our dads, who talked to Year 2 about the history of mobile phones. The children were lucky to see and touch a range of mobile phones from the earliest mobile phone to the latest model. While Mrs. Westgate & Mrs. Charlesworth were immensely impressed with what today's mobile phones could do, the students took it for granted. In fact, they were flabbergasted that the first mobile phone could not even send messages!

Secondary trip to Kobarid


On the 4th of November, Years 9, 10 and 11 went on an excursion out to the historical city of Kobarid. Kobarid is located in northwestern Slovenia, bordering Italy. We visited this city to go to a museum about some of the battles that took place around the area during World War I. In 1993 the museum won a Council of Europe award, for its documentation of the battle. The museum had many different rooms, each room usually was about one specific of the area. One room, which was called the “white room”, was all about the life of the armies during the winter, and many of the hardships they faced. In many of the rooms there was a map to give you an idea of where that particular event was taking place. Some of the rooms also had many different types of the gear used on display. Some of the items included old firearms, grenades, and bayonets that were used on both sides of the battle. Also on display were the uniforms that were worn by the armies. Some of the most interesting things featured were the pieces of equipment used. Things included ranged from simple cooking utensils, too complicated methods of literally going through a mountainside. After we visited the museum, we began to walk through some of the area that the battle took place, on that day it was rainy and cold, but it was still a fun experience. We walked along the Soča river. We also were able to go and see a very large waterfall. Only a certain amount of people were allowed at a time however due to the narrow path, and also the fact the path was very slippery. After this we loaded back onto the bus for the two hour ride back to Ljubljana. Overall I think the trip was enjoyed by everyone, and will look forward to ever visiting again.

- Drake Trosper, Year 9


Y5/6 Trip to the stars

On a beautiful sunny day last week Year 5 and 6 became the first primary class to cross an international border in the pursuit of learning. They travelled over the spectacular  Ljublelj pass, en route to Klagenfurt, in order to visit our nearest planetarium. The children watched a spectacular show called 'Between Fire and Ice', which reinforced much of what they have learned through their most recent IPC topic 'Mission to Mars'.  We saw thousands of stars on the planetarium ceiling, but the real stars of the trip were the children themselves.

- Robert Blease, Y5/6 class teacher

Y2 Literacy: Mr Men

In Literacy the Year 2 students spent time researching a Mr. Men character in the Unit "Stories by the same authors". They did this by reading Mr. Men books, watching their Mr. Men characters in stories on Youtube, role playing with partners, and reading the Mr. Men website to find answers to their questions. When they knew their characters well, they wrote their own adventure for their Mr. Men character being careful to use their characters' mannerisms. The students published their stories as small books just like the real Mr. Men stories by Roger Hargreaves. It was lovely to see the students so delighted with their finished products and so proud to read them to the Preschool children. Well done Year 2 on all the hard work that you put into these wonderful books.

Hallowe'en event


The Secondary Section was delighted to receive a request to repeat the Haloween event they put on for the primary section last year. The only difference was that this time our  students were able to stage the event with almost no help (or interference) from staff. A Julian Alp of sweets was duly collected, a selection of spooky activities and games was devised and the ZP building decorated with pumpkins, witches and bats. All that was required was some small children to come and have some fun.

The primary children arrived ready to trick or treat in the most fantastic array of fancy dress. We had witches, monsters and a magnificent Mad Hatter and great fun was had by all. At the end of the event we gave a big thankyou to Izzie, Clare and Marusa who had played a huge part in the organisation of the event and who had also put on a seperate event for the preschool.

- Ayesha Christmas, Assistant Head (Secondary)


Y2 Communication Topic: Man's best friend

On Monday 17th October, one of the pupils in Year 2 presented his work about 'How dogs communicate'. He spent all weekend creating posters, photographs and a short film to demonstrate to the class how his two dogs communicate, both to humans and to each other. The students were extremely impressed with the information that he shared, including how he knows his dogs are happy, sad or sleepy.  They loved watching the film he made to show his two dogs having fun with each other, but there was a highlight to the presentation and another 'star of the show' - one of the two dogs, Sita.  She investigated the room calmly and the children in Year 2 loved having this extra visitor.  Each child had the opportunity to stroke Sita and give her a treat - we're not sure who enjoyed this more, the children or Sita!  Thank you to to the student for a wonderful presentation and thank you to his mum for introducing Sita to Year 2.

Secondary Adventure Weekend


There was undoubtedly more adrenaline pumping around between the 56 students present than there was water in the whole of Lake Bohinj – which, with 107 cubic kilometres of fresh alpine water, is the biggest permanent lake in Slovenia.  Just as well, because our lot jumping into it repeatedly from cliffs of up to 12 metres made quite a splash.  Not only was each activity imbued with impressive numbers, but indeed the sheer number of activities meant more action going on per minute than your average Bond film.  There was canoeing, kayaking, canyoning (jumping and sliding off rocks into white water), white-water rafting and swimming (sometimes intentional).  Beyond the life aquatic, students took to the heights with flying-fox (otherwise known as zip-lining or death-sliding), hiking, mountain-biking and rock-climbing.  Nobody was left stony-faced, even if they had pressed their cheeks up against a sheer vertical drop twenty metres up before abseiling to the applause of their peers (and sometimes flabbergasted passers-by).  And all that teenage energy was still spilling over by dinner, where students socialised and played card games before recharging to the max.  And recharge they did:  all bushy-tailed on Monday, ready to take on any mere exercise of thought; minds now so keen that they might well know gusto from verve.

Of the many winning themes, however, camaraderie was the winner.  It made all of us chalkies so proud to see the compassion and encouragement unconditionally given by all toward one-another, so that they might – and did – push their limits past the stratosphere as one.  Bravo and bravissimo, BISL Secondary section!

- Dan O'Brien, Year 7/8 form tutor


Y2 Post Museum Visit

On Friday 21st October Year 2 students went to the Museum of Post & Telecommunications. We went by coach, which the children found extremely exciting: for some of them it was the first time they had been on a bus. Once there we had a wonderful tour by Katarina about the history of the post from the Ancient Greeks till now. The children really enjoyed having a turn on the Communication devices such as the Morse code machine, Teleprinter and (our favourite) the old fashioned turn the dial phone with the phone box. At the end of our trip the students watched a silent movie about a postman trying to deliver a letter to the best-behaved boy in the town, but the letter has no address and all he can find is naughty children. The postman ends up not delivering the letter and stamps it return to sender! Both the students and the teachers saw the humour in this, although perhaps the students have a few new ideas.

- Tanya Charlesworth, Y2 class teacher

Walk for Truce with Lord Michael Bates

Our Year 10 and 11 students were privileged to join Lord Michael Bates for a few kilometres as he passed through Ljubljana on his 4000km Walk for Truce from Athens to London. Lord Bates is aiming to highlight and rekindle the Olympic Truce. More details about this remarkable initiative on his web page. The students had an opportunity to talk to Lord Bates and ask him about his trip and about the truce.

Y2 Cycling Proficiency

As part of the IPC Topic "From A to B (Transport and Travel)" the Year 2 students brought their bicycles to school on Thursday 22nd September. The students had a lot of fun riding their bikes and showing the teachers what they could do on them - riding in straight lines, looking behind them as they rode, indicating left & right, and braking suddenly to name a few. It brought a real smile to the Year 2 teachers to see the children indicating right and left when they are unsure which way is left and right and not running over our Golden Card Snake!

Y1 trip to Ljubljana centre


The IPC topic Year 1 have been doing is 'We are what we eat (Food)', so the morning was spent visiting all the different food stalls at the market in the centre of the city. For some it was the first time they had been on a bus, so that was really exciting too. First we went to the fish market, which the children found fascinating because of the different shapes, colours and the slimyness. The meat market was next, where we looked at the model of the cow and realised that the red meat is actually the muscle of an animal. After that we did a tour of the bread and cake stalls which made them all feel very hungry.

We then watched the clock at the puppet theatre strike the hour with the donkey and the peasant coming out of the door and disappearing. Then it was the fruit and vegetable market to look at and occassionally sample as there was some free time for mothers and children to wander round. We walked back to the bus stop along the river, past the beautifully restored Kongresni trg, and caught the bus just in time to return to the school for lunch.

The smiles on the children's tired faces said a thousand words. I, for one, am really looking forward to the next school trip, the children were so well-behaved and happy, the whole trip was a pleasure from beginning to end. Thank you to all the mums for coming.

- Liz Sparks, Y1 class teacher


Y5/6 visit to Rakov Škocjan caves

As part of their IPC "Going with the Flow (Rivers)" topic, Milepost 3 had a great time exploring the caves at Rakov Škojcan. They walked deep into a cave system observing stalactites and stalagmites. They then courageously turned their torches off and listened to the eerie sound of water droplets echoing in a subterranean world of total darkness.

- Robert Blease, Y5/6 class teacher

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