Comp Comp award ceremony

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Comp Comp award ceremony and prize winners’ concert


CompComp is an exciting new song writing competition for Slovenian young people up to 18 years old organised by the music department of the British International School of Ljubljana. 

This year’s five winners (out of 50 entries) will perform their songs at the award ceremony at Kino Šiška on the 30th of January at 18.00. 

The event will be hosted by Andrej “Teshky” Težak and will also feature Timo Kosi from “20 za 20” and the jury members: Tinkara Kovač, Tomaž O Rous (Siddharta), Bojan Cvetrežnik (Terrafolk),

Neisha, Anton Malmberg af Segerstad (SWE/Composer of the Eurovision Song Contest winner “Heroes”) and Chris Eckman (USA/The Walkabouts). 

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, is the honorary sponsor.

Entry to the event is free of charge.



More information at: ; ;   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lucy Turk ­ Top in the World student in Art and Design

It is with very great pleasure that I am able to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lucy on behalf of the BISL community for her outstanding AS Level results in Art and Design last year. Lucy was awarded the illustrious recognition of Top of the World student in Art and Design for her beautiful and highly accomplished artwork, some of which can be seen here. This stunning portfolio was produced during Lucy’s first year of her A­Level Art and Design course during which she explored two main themes; Inside/Outside and Fear, both projects allowing her to employ her broader academic interests and studies within Psychology as well as the visual arts. A thoughtful and hardworking student, Lucy has certainly earned this award and I hope her achievement will inspire others to reach higher and further this year and beyond. Well done Lucy, you’re a BISL star!
Laila Salt, Art Teacher

Welcome back

Welcome back to school! Spring Term is now in full swing and it is going to be a very busy one. Speaking of busy - feel free to check the slideshow below and enjoy the highlights of the first four months of this school year!

Founders Day

Tuesday 3rd November is an important day in the life of BISL, the anniversary of the untimely death of the school’s founder, Mr. Jeremy Hibbins. Founder’s Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far the school has come since opening in 2008 and to celebrate the legacy we have been given.

This year, we were delighted to be joined by Mr. Hibbins’ parents, Paul and Anne, as well as by the British Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Sophie Honey, and her deputy, Mr. Jamie Hilton, by Mr. Long from Orbital, and by guests from the PTA.

Our Assembly was a typically BISL blend of speeches and reflections, songs, dances and instrumental performances. Hosted by Tatiana Smirnova (Year 9), all sections of the school – from Nursery to the Sixth Form - contributed, and we closed out with the staff/parent band leading the whole school in singing ‘Never Far Away’.

We are particularly grateful for the insightful and moving speeches from Mr. Hibbins and Mr. Hilton, and to the students, staff and former colleagues whose memories of Mr. Jeremy Hibbins were read out by Tatiana in links throughout the Assembly. 

Founder’s Day also gave us an opportunity to thank the British Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Sophie Honey, for continuing with tradition and accepting to be our Patron.




More photos:



Year 5 & 6 Residential Trip to Italy

Year 5 and 6 had a fabulous time visiting the nature  reserves near Marano Lagunare in Italy and the ancient Roman ruins of Aquileia. 

On the first day we learned about the ecology of the lagoon which Marano Lagunare looks on to. The lagoon comprises the Regional Nature Reserve of the Stella River Mouth, which cannot be reached by land. So on the second day we chartered a boat to the  delta of the Stella River which is  a paradise for bird watching: the Western Marsh Harrier, the mute swan, the red, grey and white heron and other species live in the reed thickets along the river.

We had lunch in a village of casoni (typical fishermen's huts) which were on islets in the lagoon. Our Casoni  was made of reed and wood, with a fireplace at its centre which we sat around as we were serenaded by the captain of our boat.

On the last day, we chartered another boat to the Roman ruins of Aquileia. We approached the city via the Grado lagoon and the river Natiso, just as the Romans would have done two thousand years ago, and admired the beautiful mosaics that have been unearthed there.

- Robert Blease, Year 5 Class Teacher

Year 6 Sales Project

Year 6 students made mathematics real last block, when they turned their hands to financial management, marketing and sales in an entrepreneurial project. 

In small groups they had to create a product or service, market it to the school community, and then had to sell their product on the school market over a 2-week period. They were personally responsible for covering their costs during the project, and had the incentive of dividing all their profits amongst their group at the end of the fortnight.

The students had to consider many important aspects related to supply and demand, such as how much did their product cost to produce and what should be the appropriate sales price to ensure they made the most profit?  They also had to consider how long it took to make their product and how many units they could sell in the given time, and some groups had to change their product range when initial sales were not as they had hoped or their initial product took too long to manufacture. 

Each group was required to complete a profit and loss statement through the project, keeping a record of the expenses incurred when making and marketing their product and of the money they generated from their sales. 

Overall, the groups were very happy with their projects, most making around 20€ per person over the fortnight. The most successful group amassed revenues of 450€ selling a range of cupcakes, muffins and brownies - an astounding 110€ profit per person!

Be an athlete

A huge well done to the Secondary Cricket enthusiasts Max, Edvard, Tilen, Christopher and Igor for sharing their knowledge and passion for Cricket to the special needs students and young adults at the Igraj se z Mano sport event "Be an athlete". You did such a great job that many of the students came back for a second and even third go at Cricket. You made us very proud! 

Primary Spelling Bee

To celebrate the European Day of Languages BISL Primary students and teachers were involved in a Spelling Bee. Reception kicked off the Spelling Bee showing us the sounds and the associated Jolly Phonics songs they had learnt over the past few weeks. The best spellers from Year 1 to Year 6 were chosen by their teachers to participate in the Spelling Bee. The challenge began in Year 1 with Katarina and Benjamin and moved on to Year 2 Phase 4 with Ahmed and Maty, all equally impressing us with their spelling. Year 2 Phase 5 saw Svit and Tian battle it out, with Svit winning. Bendeguz, Lourenco, Ieronim and Eugene were the students from Year 3 and 4 who competed against each other, with the winner being Eugene. Tensions were close with the Year 5 and 6 students; Timotej, Asia, Rebecca and Emil with Timotej winning the challenge. However, the greatest tension of all was amongst the Primary teachers, with the pressure on with the students in the audience to impress. It was down to the final two, Mr. Simon Irving and Mrs. Dawn Reindl with the word guacamole and the winner with incredible poise was Mrs. Reindl.

 -- Mrs Tanya Charlesworth, Primary Literacy Coordinator

Year 3 Art Gallery

Year 3 Art Adventure Art Gallery was officially opened by the Principal Mr. Karl Wilkinson on Thursday the 24th of September 2015 to the roaring applause of parents, grandparents and Year 3 Teachers. This celebration was held as an exit point to the IPC Unit "Paintings, Photographs and Pictures". The exhibition held the students' art works - Picasso cubism self portraits, photographs from windows and then pointillism technique images, pet paintings in the style of George Rodrigue's Blue dog and ancient cave paintings. The students loved playing parts of an official art gallery opening, including security guards, tour guides, curator, ticket collector, waiters and waitresses. The exhibition concluded with live art pieces of poetry performances; Beans and The Bathroom Fiddler by Michael Rosen and It's Opposite Day by Ken Nisbitt.

 -- Mrs Charlesworth, Year 3 Class Teacher


Usborne Book Fair 2015

As part of the festivities for the European Day of Languages BISL celebrated by having an Usborne Book Fair. Zoe, from Usborne, came with a vast amount of books and held workshops celebrating different languages and cultures for each Primary Class. Afterwards students, parents, grandparents and other family members came to browse the books. Thanks to all those  who purchased, we will now have an extra 600 euros worth of books in our School.

Year 4 Treasure Hunt!

To support their IPC topic "Adventures and Explorers", the Year 4 students at British International School of Ljubljana went on an exciting trip to Urh near Ljubljana. In the spirit of adventure and exploration the students were engaged in an exciting treasure hunt around the Church of St. Urh and the Middle Age defense camp. The students had to put their navigating skills to work and read a map to find and decipher secret clues which were prepared for them. During this activity they also learnt about the historical significance of Urh and experienced exploring an unknown area.


Visit to Siddharta's studio

Year 8 and 9 were able to see a real recording session when we visited Siddharta's studio in Ljubljana's "Rock Street". About 20 bands rehearse in the same street in this old industrial area and they have built their own recording studios or rehearsal spaces there. At the moment, Siddharta are busy recording their 20th anniversary album but we were allowed to come in and ask questions of both the musicians and the producer. The students asked many questions and were very interested in what the musicians had to say. They were amazed to find out how many people actually work backstage during a performances and what long working days they have when playing concerts.

Samuel Gustavsson, Secondary Music and ICT teacher

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