Opening hours during summer holidays

During school summer holidays the school reception will be open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.

For any meetings with the administration staff please call in advance to make sure you can arrange the most convenient time and see the relevant person.

School viewing is possible and enrolment for the school year 2015/16 is open during the summer as long as there are available spaces in classes.

Summer holidays

BISL summer holidays for students started on 25th June 2015. The school doors will reopen for all students from Preschool to Y13 again on Monday, 24th August 2015 for a start of the academic year 2015/16. 


Secondary Graduation

On June 17th we marked the day when our Year 13 students became graduates of The British International School of Ljubljana.

The ceremony was held in our assembly hall and we were delighted to see all the families and friends of our students, some of whom travelled long hours to be able to attend the event.

The programme started with our Year 11 violinist, the talented Luka, who performed a beautiful piece written by Ernest Bloch. Following we heard supportive and inspiring words dedicated to graduates by Mrs Beckett, our Principal, Mr Batson, their Form Tutor, and Mrs Eckman, Head of Secondary.

We also had a special guest amongst us, Mr Wilkinson, our new principal, who will join BISL in August 2015.

Clare, a representative of the graduates, took us down a path of many memories, memories, which will remain intertwined between these young scholars and our staff forever.

However new worlds lie out there for our students to discover and we hope we have equipped them well so that their path towards adulthood is seamless and enjoyable.

Congratulations to all our new graduates!


Maths competition

On Monday 8 June, a group of selected students from Years 4, 5 and 6 traveled to Ecoles Francais Ljubljana International School to to represent our school in the 2nd annual 24 game maths competition.  This competition, organised by Mr Bishop, includes all 4 international schools in Ljubljana, also including QSI and Danile Kumar.  

Each school sent one representative from Year 4, two from Year 5 and three from Year 6. Competitors faced off against peers from their own year levels, one representative from each school per table.  

Points were tallied and winners from each year level, school and overall champion were crowned.  All students performed very well, but one of our students was awarded level champion, school champion and overall champion of the day, Xue Bai (Ariel) from Year 4! 

Cricket tournament

On the first day of June our students participated in the 2nd hardball cricket tournament organised by the Municipality of Ljubljana.  The tournament consisted of 5 schools who played over the course of 2 days.  

BISL lost in a closely contested game but we managed to clinch 3rd place overall. It was a great day and we look forward to returning next year. In brighter news, cricket will be coming onto the PE curriculum next year so our students will be better prepared for victory.


Pot ob žici - Years 3 & 4

On Friday the 8th of May Year 3 and 4 walked a whopping 14 kilometers, when they joined the 59th Pot ob Žici around Ljubljana, as part of their IPC topic "Shaping Up." Here is what a few of us had to say:

"I was excited. My dog came with me for an hour and a half, I think she liked it." Timotej (Year 4)

"Cool." Martin (Year 4)

"I enjoyed this walk very much. We passed next to beautiful fields and forest." Arnaud (Year 4)

"I really enjoyed spending time with the students and talking, laughing and exercising at the same time." Mr. Kokalj (Year 4 Class Teacher)

"It was tiring, but it was fun." Eugene (Year 3)

"It was too long and it was fun and the stamp was good." Zoltan (Year 3)

"What a great adventure on a school day!" Mrs. Charlesworth (Year 3 Class Teacher)


Year 5 and 6 trip to CŠOD Škorpijon

Last week Year 5 and 6 students travelled to CŠOD Škorpijon on the Austrian border for their inaugural annual residential trip. Surrounded by forest, with breathtaking views, the children practised orienteering, horse riding, archery and forest survival skills. The children learned a lot about nature but even more about themselves. It was a great success.

Robert Blease, Y5 Class Teacher



Year 6 trip to Šentjur

Last week Year 6 took a trip to Šentjur as part of the IPC topic, Out of Africa, a unit about the scientific timeline of evolution on Earth.
Unknown by most who attended the trip, Šentjur stands below a famous hill, Rifnik, which towers over the local town of Šentjur and has majestic views of the surrounding lands.  On a good day we can see all the way to Austria and Croatia from the peak.  This made it an ideal location for settlements to thrive, and they did so for thousands of years at this exact location.
Archaeological excavations have uncovered relics from up to 5 000 years ago, and then a plethora of instruments, tools, weapons, crockery, jewelry and other valuables, including the oldest discovered currency discovered in Slovenia dating back to the Celts who lived in the location in the 4th and 3rd century BC.  
These finds range from the oldest, being 5000 years old, the the most recent, in the Roman times and the arrival of the Slavs in the 6th century AD.  All this time the hill hosted constant inhabitants. There are replicas of the first houses inhabited by settlers in the Bronze age, and rock foundations and walls have been restored from later times.
The museum in Šentjur showcased hundreds of the finds which have been unearthed from the hilltop, but we were told that there are countless underground treasures still awaiting discovery by future generations of historians.  


Max's Dinosaur presentation to Year 3

Max Charlesworth from Year 10 gave a brilliant presentation to Year 3 all about dinosaurs and their "close cousins" to enhance their learning in the IPC topic "Footprints from the past....". The children sat with gaping mouths at the facts Max told them e.g. some of the sizes of the largest dinosaurs and their eggs. Thanks Max.

BISL has a new interim Principal

Orbital has appointed Mrs Shirley Beckett as the new interim Principal of the British International School of Ljubljana. Shirley is Deputy Principal of the Baleares International College, Mallorca, a member of the Orbital Group. She has long experience as an educator and as an academic leader having led schools in both the UK and abroad. During the year 2012/13 Shirley acted as Principal of the Balearic College. 

Mrs Beckett started her new role on 23rd February. She is well-known and widely admired within Orbital Education and is ideally placed to guide the school through the next phase in its development as it is embedded within the Orbital group. She has the knowledge and experience to ensure that both junior and senior schools take full advantage of the additional opportunities that are now available to BISL as an integral part of Orbital Education.

Shirley managed a variety of schools in Kent before moving to Mallorca in 2002. She has enjoyed many responsibilities including as a member of PRIME (Primary Initiatives in Math's Education)-designing and developing maths investigations for publication and as a KS1 SAT´s Moderator  for 5 years, overseeing SAT´s testing procedures and advising  a school in special measures. One of her most enjoyable experiences was as a SCITT math's lecturer (School Centered In-Service Teacher Training) when she trained student teachers to teach maths.

Shirley is currently a NABSS inspector (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and travels all over Spain undertaking inspections of international schools. 


Year 6 excursion - Making the News

Last Thursday, Year 6 went of an excursion as part of their IPC topic, Making the News.  We visited two of the major news reporting organisations in Slovenia, POP TV and DELO.  
At POP TV, students went behind the scenes, exploring the 24 news studio, posing as news anchor men and women, and they even got to try out the professional video cameras.  We also saw the wardrobe section where the presenters get prepared every day, apparently, they never wear the same clothes twice (or at least not without letting everyone in the make-up department know about it!) We also saw the main television studio, where several stages were being constructed for upcoming feature programs of the station. Did you know it takes up to 3 months to construct the more elaborate stage sets? 
Next, we went to the DELO printing house, where DELO and Slovenska Novice are published daily, amongst other periodical newspapers. Here the students marvelled at the speed of the printing press, which runs at 40-50 km/h  at full speed.  We  were astounded to see the huge rolls of recycled paper they had in the paper storage which they printed the news onto, one roll we saw was 25 km in length and weighed one tonne!  We also learned how they print the newspapers, and witnessed how they carry out quality control.  
Finally, we went to the editorial office of DELO, and had an insightful Q&A session with one of the senior news reporters at the newspaper.  
Overall, the students were very impressed with the trip, and they brought home a lot of insight about the news industry.
Chris Bishop, Year 6 Class Teacher

Pierogi (Polish dumplings) by Year 3

Year 3 made these scrumptious Pierogi (Polish dumplings) under the guidance and tutorship of Mrs. Andryszko during 2 Literacy lessons on the Instruction genre. A huge thank you to Mrs. Andryszko for her help, providing the ingredients and for the major clean up aftermath. After they made the pierogi the students ordered the photographs of their cooking and wrote instructional text for each photo. Come and see our display to find out how to make these yummy dumplings

Tanya Charlesworth, Year 3 Class Teacher

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