The play has inspired me to visit the theatre

On Sunday April 17th BISL students from Year 8 and Year 12, along with teachers and parents, were privileged to experience “a completely unprecedented theatrical adventure”. This unique event was a performance of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at Ljubljana’s National Theatre, performed by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre company; one of the final performances of a two- year tour, called Globe to Globe Hamlet, which has had the incredible aim of taking Hamlet to audiences of every country in the world. With excellent performances all around, the actors took the audience smoothly and expertly through the complex, disturbing tragedy of Hamlet whilst also creating a sense and vision of the actors themselves as world-travelling performers.

The tour began on April 23rd 2014 to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, and finished in the UK on April 23rd of this year, the 450th anniversary of his death. The travelling players performed on every continent, in 195 countries, with performances for all manner of audiences in all sorts of circumstances, including shows in five refugee camps. Many awards were won along the way, including one by UNESCO “in recognition of the tour’s engagement with local communities and promotion of cultural education”.

Here are a few words from our Year 8 students on what they thought of their experience of seeing Hamlet performed live:

‘Great atmosphere created by actors.’ Adrian

‘Such an emotional play. Excitement and tension!’ Iva

‘A very interesting, engaging performance.’ Iza

‘A very well summarised play with great actors who showed the right amount of emotion and engaged with the audience throughout the whole play. The play has inspired me to visit the theatre more often.’ Kaja

C4C Animal Food Donation Drive

In March our Caring for the Community team organised a donation drive in order to collect food for the Animal shelter in Ljubljana. Everyone who donated contributed to their Houses in order to help them get house points.

It was down to the fine wire, with absolutely every kilogram counting towards the final results.

Third place went to Sapphire with 33.4 kilograms - awarded 5 house points.

Second place to Hessonite with 104.536 kilograms - awarded 10 house points.

With less than a kilogram separating the two houses we had equal first place to Onyx with 148.37 kilograms and to Zircon with 149.1 kilograms - both awarded 20 house points.

Adding all our donations from Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Staff we had a grand total of.....

over 500 kilograms

for the Primary C4C team to take to the Animal Shelter in Ljubljana.

Another huge Thank you to all those who have contributed, from the C4C Team.

Mrs. Charlesworth, C4C Coordinator

Luka's presentation to Year 8

A big thanks to Luka from Year 12 for coming into Years 8 and 9 this week to show them how he has been working in his home studio for his A-level coursework. They have been studying digital recording and electronic music this block. They have explored how to mix loops, midi instruments and audio recordings in the software StudioOne3. They watched with amazement what Luka had managed to do with some more time and equipment in the same software.
– Mr Gustavsson, Secondary Music Teacher

Year 1 trip to Liubljana market

On Thursday 10th March 2016, it was great sunny morning after so many wet days. We as the Year 1 children set off on No.1D into the city with our teacher Ms Williams. Initially, we were accompanied by Ben and Natasha and Miss Marion.
Then we met Emma and baby Lola under Mr Pešeren's statue when we arrived in Ljubljana.
We all brought some money so that we could enjoy the whole shopping experience from making choices of what we wanted to buy, using our money to pay for these items and collect the change.
First of all, we went to the Fish Market where we thought it smelt a bit like the seaside...! We saw many different fish and also brought prawns, sardines and sea bass. We will cook these on Friday for our snack.
The ladies in the indoor market were very kind, as they gave us some freebies to taste from the various delicacies on sale, such as dried fruit, nice bread and walnuts. We even collected a pair of chicken feet on the way!
In the outdoor market, we saw nearly every fruit possible and many vegetables. As boys, we decided that we were not going to buy vegetables as we didn't like them and all closed our mouths in protest!!! As girls,we wanted to buy everything...!
We had a wonderful time and think we let all the stall holders and other customers that we were from BISL in the nicest possible way. We really tried to be so polite and everyone seemed very impressed.
As a special treat, we even had small pancakes to eat before the bus arrived and we came back to school.
We are now planning our next trip... maybe a picnic in the park.

Preschool at the Baker's

On 8 March Preschool paid a visit to the bakery. Each had 2€ in a specially made wallet, and chose an item, which they paid for, and brought back to the Preschool. We have made a bar chart showing how much each of us spent in the shop!

- Simon Irving, Reception Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Trip to Revoz

Last Wednesday Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 visited the Renault Revoz factory in Novo Mesto at the invitation Mr Haettel. Students had a tour of the production line where we saw the stages of production of the Renault Twingo and Smart ForFour models. We were especially gracious as BISL was one of the rare schools to visit the site. Indeed the workers were almost as interested in seeing our students as we were in watching them work.

We toured the body shop, metal press and production line areas. The students saw first-hand how robots and humans work together in symphony to create a new car every one and a half minutes!

A big thank you goes out to Mr Haettel for arranging the trip and the friendly and informative staff who guided us around the plant. It can definitely be said that both students and teachers were very impressed and amazed by what we saw.
- Chris Bishop, Year 6 Class Teacher

Year 3 & 4 Residential Trip

»In early February Year 3 and 4, along with Mr. Kokalj, Miss Evans and myself, went on our first Residential Trip. We went to Medvedje Brdo, Slovenia, for three days and two nights. The first day it rained, but on the second day we woke to sparkling snow. It was a wonderful chance for us all to build our relationships further. Check out the photos to see what fun we had!« - Mrs. Charlesworth, Year 3 Class Teacher

»I learned a lot about Astronomy from the astronomy lessons and I loved when we went sledging because when every time we went sledging on the bonebreaker I always did 5,0000 forward rolls.« - By Lourenço, Year 3

»We did many things that we don't do at school, like shooting bows and arrows and cross country skiing.« - By Lotta, Year 3

»We were peacefully playing in the snow like any other kid until... Mr. K splashed us with snow. The next day Mr. K was playing in the snow, you know like any other regular teacher until .... We got our revenge by holding him and throwing snow under his jacket. I was magnificent.« - Ieronim, Year 4

Visit from Mr Flisar

Thursday, February 11th,​was a very special day for BISL staff and students! Evald Flisar, a Slovene writer, playwright, editor and world traveller came to visit us. His books are translated into more than 35 languages and he visited more than 90​countries worldwide. He told us that he is a terrible speaker, but great at answering questions, so we got a chance to ask him whatever we wanted to know. The students were very curious and so we found out about his childhood, his recent visit to India, about his 8 year old son and even about his terrible maths skills! What a memorable​start of the day. – by Neža, Year 13 Student

You will be able to read a full interview with Mr Flisar in the next edition of BISL Life Magazine.

Comp Comp award ceremony

You are warmly invited to

Comp Comp award ceremony and prize winners’ concert


CompComp is an exciting new song writing competition for Slovenian young people up to 18 years old organised by the music department of the British International School of Ljubljana. 

This year’s five winners (out of 50 entries) will perform their songs at the award ceremony at Kino Šiška on the 30th of January at 18.00. 

The event will be hosted by Andrej “Teshky” Težak and will also feature Timo Kosi from “20 za 20” and the jury members: Tinkara Kovač, Tomaž O Rous (Siddharta), Bojan Cvetrežnik (Terrafolk),

Neisha, Anton Malmberg af Segerstad (SWE/Composer of the Eurovision Song Contest winner “Heroes”) and Chris Eckman (USA/The Walkabouts). 

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, is the honorary sponsor.

Entry to the event is free of charge.



More information at: ; ;   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lucy Turk ­ Top in the World student in Art and Design

It is with very great pleasure that I am able to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lucy on behalf of the BISL community for her outstanding AS Level results in Art and Design last year. Lucy was awarded the illustrious recognition of Top of the World student in Art and Design for her beautiful and highly accomplished artwork, some of which can be seen here. This stunning portfolio was produced during Lucy’s first year of her A­Level Art and Design course during which she explored two main themes; Inside/Outside and Fear, both projects allowing her to employ her broader academic interests and studies within Psychology as well as the visual arts. A thoughtful and hardworking student, Lucy has certainly earned this award and I hope her achievement will inspire others to reach higher and further this year and beyond. Well done Lucy, you’re a BISL star!
Laila Salt, Art Teacher

Welcome back

Welcome back to school! Spring Term is now in full swing and it is going to be a very busy one. Speaking of busy - feel free to check the slideshow below and enjoy the highlights of the first four months of this school year!

Founders Day

Tuesday 3rd November is an important day in the life of BISL, the anniversary of the untimely death of the school’s founder, Mr. Jeremy Hibbins. Founder’s Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on how far the school has come since opening in 2008 and to celebrate the legacy we have been given.

This year, we were delighted to be joined by Mr. Hibbins’ parents, Paul and Anne, as well as by the British Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Sophie Honey, and her deputy, Mr. Jamie Hilton, by Mr. Long from Orbital, and by guests from the PTA.

Our Assembly was a typically BISL blend of speeches and reflections, songs, dances and instrumental performances. Hosted by Tatiana Smirnova (Year 9), all sections of the school – from Nursery to the Sixth Form - contributed, and we closed out with the staff/parent band leading the whole school in singing ‘Never Far Away’.

We are particularly grateful for the insightful and moving speeches from Mr. Hibbins and Mr. Hilton, and to the students, staff and former colleagues whose memories of Mr. Jeremy Hibbins were read out by Tatiana in links throughout the Assembly. 

Founder’s Day also gave us an opportunity to thank the British Ambassador, H.E. Ms. Sophie Honey, for continuing with tradition and accepting to be our Patron.




More photos:



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