Why choose private education?

An excellent modern education should focus on preparing for a successful and rewarding life generally, not just short-term exam results or a highly lucrative career, although these may well be by-products.

Opting for private education shows that you have decided as a family to invest in your children’s future. You are choosing an alternative approach which keeps your individual child at the centre, in a way which a public system cannot hope to achieve. No one system can succeed in providing an ideal and consistent learning environment for hundreds of thousands of children. Of course, a government-run system must guarantee consistency of provision nationwide, often with scarce public funds. However, since independent private schools do not draw on public funds, they are not accountable to the tax-paying public in the same way and so can tailor their provision more specifically to the needs of the children currently enrolled. Private schools are more agile organisations, able to respond quickly and imaginatively to the specific requirements of their families. They are free to set their own philosophy, vision, agenda and spending priorities.

"International-mindedness" is an increasingly important outlook on life. Our children may well have several careers in more than one country, possibly working in a number of different languages, so this international perspective, cultivated from an early age, is particularly important. The ability to communicate confidently and articulately in at least two languages and having a facility for picking up new languages is now considered vital. Having close friends from all over the world encourages cultural understanding and empathy - internationalism is not just flags, food and festivals.

Of course, more than anything else, we all want our children to be successful and happy - so we need to help them achieve this for life by setting them up with a strong sense of perspective, enquiry, morality and resourcefulness. Teachers who take a real interest and make fine role models are crucial to this process, as are supportive and sympathetic friends and family.

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